To those who give care without regard, and to those who take it without limit.

Carence is a man who is a dedicated giver of care to his wife, Narcy. Narcy is a covert narcissist, which means her narcissistic behaviors rarely manifest in a public setting.
They are saved and lavished on the people closest to her, especially her beloved Carence.
Their relationship is stable yet dysfunctional, which is not uncommon.

This book tells the story of Carence and Narcy. Their relationship with each other and themselves, notable nuances of their day-to-day interactions and the impact their responses have on their lives (and the lives of others around them). Importantly, it offers some reflection, ideas, insights and resources that may help you if you recognize Carence or Narcy.


“Road to Freedom”
Companion Journal

Find the strength to start your healing journey.


Mike has been coaching and developing executives for over two decades while at the same time continuing his own personal growth journey. His journey has been one of being in, and contributing to, a series of dysfunctional relationships ending in three divorces over a span of 30 years while at the same time experiencing a highly successful professional career.

Mike is currently working on a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Grand Canyon University and also holds a MBA and a BS degree in Engineering.