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What story are you telling yourself?

Words matter and stories matter even more because they are […]

Can I change my insecure attachment style and cycle of dysfunctional relationships?

It took me three failed marriages, nearly 30 years of […]

How can I break the cycle of dysfunction in my relationships?

There seems to be quite a few people asking how […]

Why do I need non-negotiables?

You hear a lot these days about having boundaries, but […]

Do I need a soulmate?

Popular culture, media, and folklore hold up this grand idea […]

Have I been abused and traumatized?

We hear a lot about trauma these days and the […]

What can I do if I have an insecure attachment style?

If you have done any research on attachment styles you […]

What scares you about beginning your healing journey?

When I first realized that I was in, and contributing […]

Have I lost myself in a dysfunctional relationship?

I did not understand that a person could lose their […]

What have you lost during COVID-19 and what is next to lose?

That is a tough question and one that I have […]

Am I A Narcissist?

You have learned about narcissism from one of the many […]

Groundhog Day

Have you felt like your relationships are a crazy-making version […]

Your Perception Reflects You

Much like this optical illusion, how you perceive the image [...]

What Self Love Means

When we are able to love others and yet hate [...]

You Are Enough

You are a good person. You are smart. You are [...]