Mike has been coaching and developing executives for over two decades while at the same time continuing his own personal growth journey. His journey has been one of being in, and contributing to, a series of dysfunctional relationships ending in three divorces over a span of 30 years while at the same time experiencing a highly successful professional career.

The Antics is a fictional work about a man, Carence, and is based upon Mike’s wide and varied, yet somewhat predictable, relationship experiences and his search for integration of his work and personal selves. Mike is starting to climb his second mountain and hopes to start a helping practice that will combine life coaching and other skills focused on helping men who find themselves identifying with Carence and are looking for skills to help themselves step off their crazy making relationship merry-go-rounds.

Mike is currently working on a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Grand Canyon University and hopes to augment his helping skills by becoming a licensed professional counselor and certified life coach. Mike also holds a MBA and a BS degree in Engineering.