Have you felt like your relationships are a crazy-making version of Groundhog Day?

Many people find themselves in relationships that seem to be repeats of past relationships. It is like being on a merry-go-round that you just can’t seem to get off. Ross Rosenberg, in his book the Human Magnet Syndrome, describes an attraction between people where one person gives care without regard and the other takes it without limit.  You often hear these relationships described in terms of one person being a narcissist (taking care without limit) and a co-dependent (giving care without regard).

These relationships may be dysfunctional, but they are very stable since they are complimentary with one person is getting a payoff by giving the care, and the other is getting a payoff by taking that care.

If you are someone who gives care without regard, you may deplete yourself to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion just to keep your taker of care happy.  Both people in these types of relationships are dealing with past traumas and dysfunctional behaviors and attachment styles in the best way they know how.

You might feel like the person is your soul mate and that they complete you.  You may be walking on eggshells to keep the peace and be hypervigilant to make sure that you do not do something to set your partner off. You may be desperately afraid of being alone and you find that possibility terrifying.

Your partner may need drama to feel, and they know exactly what buttons to push to create the drama they need. Are you the supply of drama for your partner?

You are not alone and your experiences and pain, while wholly your own, are not unique to the human condition and, all too common, crazy-making relationship dynamic.

You can change. You can start to heal.

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