Words matter and stories matter even more because they are powerful. The stories we tell ourselves have the power to define who we are and who we may become. Our stories can create a bright future or lead us into despair.

These stories can be short snippets, almost captions or thought bubbles that come into our mind. These thought bubbles can string together as we give them our attention, and ultimately create a narrative for our lives.

I have a narrative that runs in my mind and I call it the voice of “I am not”. It goes something like this. “I am not smart enough, I am not good looking enough, I am not happy enough, I am not thin enough, I am not kind enough, I am not strong enough, I am not enough.”

It took me very a long time to understand the voice of I am not, and to tell it to “go to hell!” I truly believe that that is where the voice of I am not comes from.

Here is the deal. If you believe something to be true, it will be for you. That is why the stories that we tell ourself are so powerful.

It takes work, but it is possible to rewrite our stories. Our brains are so good at recognizing and building patterns. These patterns are created to save ourselves time and to make our brain’s processing efforts easier and faster. Good patterns help us and, unfortunately, not-so-good patterns do not help us.

Neuroplasticity is the word scientists use when they talk about how the brain can rewire itself. It is a proven fact that we can change how our brain works and its wiring. Stories that we continually tell ourselves create well-established pathways. Think of this like ruts in a road. The old saying about someone being in a rut really makes sense.

You can smooth over these ruts and take yourself a completely new direction just by telling yourself a new story for your life.

It is not a one-and-done thing. It takes time and energy and it is totally worth it. You can create a beautiful story for yourself with new words, new phrases, new paragraphs and chapters from your life.

You can create a better story for yourself. Journaling is a great way to start building that new narrative and creating possibilities and freedom from those stories that are holding you back.

In Part 2 of the ANTICS, Carence shows you how to create a new story for your life. Just like every journey starts with one step; a new story begins with just a few words.

Today, let your story begin with “I am”.

I am enough.